The Sanctuary

Where Wilderness and Civilization Meet

SOLD OUT- New Developments coming soon!

Sanctuary…where wilderness and civilization meet. This retreat offers privacy, open space, nature, security, parks…gorgeous settings for beautiful custom homes! This gorgeous neighborhood features homes for executives, families, and empty nesters alike.

Paulson Construction is very proud and excited about Sanctuary! We pride ourselves on designing and planning a community of custom built homes, starting at $450,000. Each home and setting are unique and special… to another suburban development of high priced tract homes.

With 31 years of custom design and building, Paulson Construction as a multitude of resources and ideas available to you. The relationship between Doug, the builder, and you, the client is our top priority. Every home Paulson Construction builds is developed, designed and perfected with the clients needs and desires in mind. The client/builder relationship begins well before the digging starts and continues through out the entire building process. All of our craftsmen have been selected for their expertise and the quality of their products.

Welcome to Sanctuary and Paulson Construction. We are excited to meet with you, and begin the process of making your hopes and dreams come true.

sanctuary front of home

sanctuary front of home