We are partnering with Adopted Smiles

Why? Because 52% of all students in American schools are unable to get dental care!

Adopted Smiles is a non-profit organization giving kids the resources they need to take better care of their teeth. We’re on a mission to teach, equip, and encourage every child in Minnesota to own their smile.

Present Rebuilding Infrastructure:

  • Dental partnership with quip® to distribute smart electric toothbrushes to teach and re-enforce daily oral healthcare.
  • Change of model from school base to focus on the family base through the YMCA and similar organizations. Dental care to anyone under 18 requires parent or guardian permission which is excessively time consuming for school staff.
  • YMCA and Zoom will be the basic tools for oral health instruction to each family
  • Dental patient software contracted with Henry Schein Dental simplifies patient recruitment, patient data and charting, scheduling, health history via online registration, form filling, communication text and email, and automated phone reminders.
  • Hubbard Radio and Interactive has been contracted to direct and grow via social media: 1) our donation base and 2) potential patients.
  • Develop “I Own My Smile” phone APP in partnership with Jacapps.com to teach oral healthcare best practices to language groups via video of native speaker to native speaker.

The Emma B. Howe Family YMCA and Paulson Construction have joined Adopted Smiles’ efforts to provide low income families with learning tools and dental equipment designed to teach and re-enforce proper oral healthcare for life. The families we serve together are financially challenged and within their YMCA community.

$20,000 has been pledged by an anonymous donor as a matching pledge to encourage others to join this worthy endeavor.

Please join us in considering a gift of significance to help children in our community.

Click the button below to give a tax-deductible donation or to volunteer valuable time to teach children in our community how to take better care of their teeth.

Thank you!!