Welcome to Paulson Construction – What is CBD?

By Doug Paulson on

Welcome to Paulson Construction! This is the blog section of the site. I plan to discuss here how the business is going, things that are coming up soon, as well as a bit of insight about me, the owner!

I want to use this section as a bit of a journal as well. I like to get to know my clients to better appreciate and understand their projects, which directly influences my recommendations and allows us to find the best way to solve any issues that may arise. I figure if you guys know me as well, then even better right?

You know what I have been dealing with lately? Stress and anxiety. They certainly could be a lot worse, I know that for a fact, however, I have discovered cbd. I was researching online for alternatives because I wasn’t happy with the results that were developing just letting the doc call the shots. I might not know medicine, but in my line of work and supervising people as I do, I can tell when someone is lacking more or there is more from them to give. I talked to my doctor about this anxiety drug that sounded perfect for me. He knew what cbd was.

It took a while to win him over to my side, but eventually he decided if I wanted to give cbd a shot I should be free to do so. I’m really glad he turned around actually. I told him I might just have to check with other doctors if he kept being stubborn that he had to be right. I mean if he were at least just a bit open minded, you know? I’m glad he didn’t call my bluff. He may not be the best doctor, but he was far from the worst; I’m glad I didn’t have to look for another doctor if we’re being honest. I do believe cbd seems right for me after plenty of research. I’ll keep you guys updated on how it goes!